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GitOps for Spinnaker, Other New Capabilities Announced at Spinnaker Summit 2022

DETROIT, Spinnaker Summit 2022, Oct. 24, 2022 — OpsMx, the leader in intelligent continuous delivery, today announced a suite of services and product capabilities for enterprise users of the Spinnaker continuous delivery (CD) platform. The Spinnaker Center of Excellence provides custom development services to existing Spinnaker users who need to implement new features or customizations or accelerate open source community development. OpsMx also added new features to bring the GitOps model of application deployments to Spinnaker. The new OpsMx Spinnaker as a Service frees DevOps teams from the operational burdens of a CD platform. These announcements were made by Gopal Dommety, CEO and co-founder at OpsMx, during his keynote presentation at Spinnaker Summit 2022.

“Spinnaker has proven to be the most robust, scalable, and open CD solution available today,” said Dommety. “These new services and capabilities delivered by OpsMx will help our customers extend their Spinnaker investment forward into the future.” Over the last twelve months, OpsMx has consistently been one of the top three contributors to the Spinnaker open source project, continuing to advance innovation in software delivery.

The services and capabilities in this announcement include:

  • OpsMx Spinnaker Center of Excellence – As enterprises expand their use of Spinnaker, they sometimes require capabilities that are not available in open source. The OpsMx Spinnaker Center of Excellence (COE) is a dedicated team of Spinnaker and DevOps engineers who work with large Spinnaker users on a contract basis to develop new features and customizations. Some of the world’s largest Spinnaker users are already working with the OpsMx Spinnaker COE to get Spinnaker tasks, large and small, off their “to do” list. Past OpsMx Spinnaker COE projects that are now available in open source Spinnaker include Google Cloud (GCP) Cloudrun support (release 1.30), GCP load balancer auto scaling (1.29), and Clouddriver sharding (1.28). The Spinnaker COE is currently accepting new customers.
  • Open Source Stormdriver – Large-scale Spinnaker deployments have been held back by the performance limitations of Spinnaker Clouddriver service. Stormdriver is a new service for Clouddriver specially developed by the OpsMx Spinnaker COE to provide global scaling and security. OpsMx will be contributing Stormdriver to the Spinnaker open source project. Michael Graff, Principal Engineer and Spinnaker Hacker at OpsMx, will be presenting Stormdriver at Spinnaker Summit 2022. Stormdriver is available to OpsMx customers today.
  • GitOps with Spinnaker using Keel Service – Keel service is an optional component of Spinnaker that enables GitOps, allowing users to declaratively define their desired infrastructure and application release. OpsMx is now offering support for Keel service and will be extending it to allow GitOps deployments in AWS to other cloud environments.
  • Spinnaker Argo Integration – Development teams are increasingly embracing Argo for GitOps in Kubernetes environments. OpsMx is integrating Argo and Spinnaker to provide a unified solution that adds the controls of Spinnaker to the developer-friendliness of Argo. This integrated solution will be generally available in Q1 2023.
  • Spinnaker as a Service – Spinnaker users who want to focus on delivering software, not running Spinnaker, can now access Spinnaker in a SaaS delivery model from OpsMx. OpsMx provides software lifecycle management, ongoing operations, and 24×7 support. A free trial of Spinnaker as a Service is available.

Together, these announcements ensure that Spinnaker customers can continue to build on their past investments as their application environments evolve.

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OpsMx simplifies and intelligently automates software delivery, enabling hundreds of thousands of developers at Google, Cisco, Western Union, and other leading global enterprises to ship better software faster. Incorporating open source Argo and Spinnaker, OpsMx is the first open, unified platform for deploying applications in container, virtual machine, and multi-cloud environments. The company’s 150 employees serve customers from offices in Silicon Valley, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, with funding from Dell Technologies Capital and Foundation Capital. For more information, visit



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