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OpsMx will contribute presentations, product demos at Industry’s Premiere Event for Open Continuous Delivery Solutions

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sep 15, 2022 – OpsMx, provider of an Intelligent Continuous Delivery Platform, will be participating in the sixth annual Spinnaker Summit, co-located with KubeCon and scheduled for October 23-24, 2022, in Detroit, Mich. The Summit brings together a global community of collaborators focused on the future of Spinnaker, the open-source continuous delivery (CD) platform. Attendees can register for in-person or online participation.

The Summit is targeted toward developers, architects, operators and technical leaders. OpsMx, a Diamond Sponsor of the event, will conduct product demonstrations on the exhibit floor and contribute its deep expertise in Spinnaker and CD through the following four presentations:

Panel Discussion: Spinnaker Success – CD as a Service using Spinnaker

Who: Balaji Sivasubramanian, VP, Product, OpsMx; AbdulBasit Kabir, DevOps Engineer, & Asiya Yunusa, DevOps Engineer, Interswitch Group; and Arun Kumar, Cisco

Description: Enterprises are looking to deliver releases faster and safer. Spinnaker is a leading tool for providing CD as a Service/product for scalable multi-cloud deployments. Spinnaker enables self-service, control (through policy integration), and safe deployment with automated verification. In this session, end-users leveraging Spinnaker to deliver CD as a product will share their use cases, best practices, and lessons learned.

When: 11:45-12:15 EDT, Ambassador 3

Introducing Spinnaker for GCP Serverless Deployments with Cloud Run and other GCP Related Enhancements

Who: Kiran Godishala, Sr. Software Engineer, OpsMx

Description: Would you like to deploy serverless applications in GCP using Spinnaker? Cloud Run is a fully-managed compute environment for deploying and scaling serverless HTTP containers without worrying about provisioning machines, configuring clusters, or autoscaling. Spinnaker now has native support for Cloud Run for deployments. This talk will discuss the features built into Spinnaker for Cloud Run and other enhancements made over the past year for the GCP environment.

When: 11:45-12:15 EDT, Ambassador 3

Lightning Talk: Automating Industry Regulation (SoX, SoC 2) Enforcement During Software Delivery

Who: Gopinath Rebela, CTO, and Balaji Sivasubramanian, VP Product, OpsMx

Description: Enterprise development teams increasingly deploy to environments that must adhere to various industry regulations like SoX, SoC 2, FedRamp, etc. With the increased frequency of deployments and the need to audit them, control and enforcement must be automated as part of the CI/CD process. This talk will show how to integrate OPA policy integration with Spinnaker and share sample policies for enforcing compliance rules based on real-world regulatory requirements. We will demo the integration, including an audit of the policy enforcement.

When: 3:25-3:35 EDT, Ambassador 1

Sharding Clouddriver with Stormdriver

Who: Michael Graff, Principal Engineer, OpsMx

Description: OpsMx’s Stormdriver allows Clouddriver instances to be sharded in various ways, including using both the standard Java Clouddriver and the Go implementation for Kubernetes. This is a presentation on the challenges, success stories, and general ideas surrounding how to scale Clouddriver per account, cloud, or any other axis.

When: 4:55-5:25 EDT, Ambassador 1

About OpsMX

OpsMx helps companies achieve their Digital Transformation goals of modernizing their software delivery processes and moving their applications to the Cloud. The OpsMx ISD Intelligent Continuous Delivery Platform leverages Spinnaker and Argo to provide deep end-to-end insights and control over the software delivery process through a single user interface. The solution dramatically increases the productivity of development, DevOps, and operations personnel by intelligently automating routine tasks to increase the velocity and accuracy of releases, enhances security and compliance for development teams and their workflows, and automates the Continuous Delivery process. The open platform features native integrations with more than 70 common CI/CD tools – such as Jenkins, ServiceNow, and AppDynamics – that slash time-to-value and ensure the platform can grow with changing needs. The open design with decentralized control allows development teams to continue using the tools they love, while DevOps, security and compliance teams gain the end-to-end visibility, control, and audit capabilities they require. OpsMx is trusted by leading enterprises worldwide, enabling them to ship better software faster. For more information, visit

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