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Get a competitive edge automating software delivery with Spinnaker

Webinar Description

Today, enterprises are striving to deliver software faster and more efficiently to gain a competitive edge. At the same time they are trying to achieve greater reliability with less risk.

To achieve these seemingly conflicting goals, organizations are adopting containers, microservices, and modern cloud-native application architectures. The delivery of software through legacy CI/CD tools and custom scripts, however, creates a massive bottleneck preventing enterprises from achieving their business goals.

Spinnaker, an open-source continuous delivery platform created by Netflix, helps enterprises adopt modern cloud-native app architectures with greater confidence, lower risk, and without the need for custom scripts.

In this webinar you learn about:
1. Challenges enterprises face implementing Continuous Delivery
2. Spinnaker’s key features, benefits, and use cases
3. How you can easily install and deploy Spinnaker to start automating your software delivery. (Demo)

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Sagayaraj David

Sagayaraj David, DevOps Architect OpsMx

Sagayaraj is a technology leader with 15+ years of rich experience in IT configuration management & DevOps, driving seamless build and deployment in enterprise infrastructure. Sagayaraj is Cloudbees Certified Jenkins Engineer, having strong expertise in AWS, DevOps, Ansible, Jenkins, JIRA, GIT.

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