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How to Integrate Spinnaker with Terraform to save time and money

Webinar Description

Spinnaker excels at automating software deployments for multi-cloud environments. Terraform is great for automating infrastructure updates and should also be used in the software delivery process.

When implementing Continuous Delivery, it’s critical to ensure the two products are integrated and working together. Deploying the application together with the associated infrastructure reduces cycle times and reduces errors – without a tight integration, you are bound to have problems in production.

Watch this webinar to learn how to integrate Spinnaker with Terraform, and save both time and money:


  • How to configure the integration of Terraform plans with Spinnaker pipelines
  • Why integrating Spinnaker and Terraform will enable your DevOps team to do more and at a lower cost
  • How the OpsMx Spinnaker integration with Terraform is fundamentally different from a default integration

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John Garcia OpsMx

John Garcia, Sr DevOps Engineer and Kubernetes expert OpsMx

John has been working with distributed systems since the days of Mesos, learning about the best practices that DevOps teams around the world use to achieve safety and speed at scale.

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