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Securing Enterprise Spinnaker: Advanced Strategies for Supply Chain Security and Compliance

Webinar Description

Now that you’ve scaled Spinnaker for enterprise use, ensuring its security and compliance within the software supply chain is paramount. Join Gopinath Rebala, CTO at OpsMx, in this enlightening webinar as he dives into strategies and intelligent automation techniques that can significantly bolster your supply chain security posture with Spinnaker.

Discover how the OpsMx Deploy Shield for Spinnaker can fortify your supply chain and simplify compliance audits throughout your application’s lifecycle. This webinar will provide a deep dive into secure and intelligent automation in software delivery for Spinnaker, encompassing:

  • Safeguarding your Continuous Delivery Workflows
  • Instituting supply chain security best practices
  • Automating compliance audits with OpsMx Deploy Shield for Spinnaker


By attending this webinar, you’ll gain invaluable insights into leveraging OpsMx’s unique capabilities to secure your enterprise Spinnaker, ensuring a robust, secure, and compliant software delivery pipeline.

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Date: 30th November 2023
Time: 10:00 am-10:45 am PST

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Gopinath Rebala, CTO OpsMx

Gopinath Rebala, CTO of OpsMx

Gopinath Rebala is the CTO of OpsMx, where he has overall responsibility for the machine learning and data processing architectures of OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker.

Gopi also has a strong connection with our customers, leading design and architecture for strategic implementations. Gopi is a frequent speaker and well known leader in continuous delivery and in the Spinnaker community.