Continuous Verification for Jenkins

Save hours of manual verification while deploying application using Jenkins

DevOps team spends hours alone in manually diagnosing, troubleshooting issues, or identifying the risk of a release in build, test, deployment stages to promote it to the production stage using Jenkins pipeline. This process of verifying a release is overwhelming and error-prone and delays the time to move software from code check-in to release through Jenkins.

OES Autopilot, an ML-based product, provides continuous feedback to your DevOps team by finding bugs with the underlying cause of failures automatically and assessing risks in all the stages of CI/CD.

Build Risk Assessment and Diagnosis

Use Jenkin build logs to identify risk associated in each build and notify if a build is suitable for promotion to the next stage. Quickly diagnose your build issue and identify underlying cause in just minutes by using OES Autopilot.

Test Risk Assessment and Diagnosis

Leverage unsupervised ML in Autopilot to traverse through a torrent of logs produced by automated testing tools to identify the reason behind failed test cases and failed test scenarios in seconds.

Automated Decisioning in Deployment Stage

Integrate Autopilot with your Spinnaker CD pipeline to automatically verify new applications based on errors, exceptions, and performance after deployment. You can promote a release to the next stage or restore your service with the auto rollback in seconds based on intelligence-based guidance.

Deep visibility with Production Telemetry Dashboard

Understand your customer experience with a real-time production telemetry dashboard in Autopilot. Visualize and analyze how your system is behaving in real-time with data at the business logic, application, and environmental layers.


Get out-of-the-box integrations for log analyzers and APM tools that you have already invested in. It takes a few mins to integrate with monitoring tools, fetch data, analyze data, and prescribe results about build, deploy, test, and prod verification.

Key Benefits

Faster time to identify errors

Reduce time to identify errors in build, deploy, test, and production phases from hours to seconds with the built-in diagnostic feature in OES Autopilot.

Zero Downtime

Reduce the chance of downtime with a consolidated risk score of new deployments, which gives decision-making intelligence and a high degree of confidence to roll forward or rollback releases at scale.

Customer Delight

With continuous verification and production telemetry, enterprises can be sure their site is not negatively impacted due to change and ensure customer delight.


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