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Automate Compliances and Achieve Consistent, Repeatable Audit Reporting

Automate Compliances and Achieve Consistent, Repeatable Audit Reporting

Automating Regulatory Compliances and Audit Reporting

Modern day enterprises have adopted certain specialized tools for achieving specific functionalities, such as Git / Artefacts, CI, Static Code Analysis, Governance, Pen Testing, Performance Monitoring, Log Monitoring, Infra as code, notification, etc. However, within the regulated industries, these enterprises have been struggling with automating some of the critical compliance requirements mandated by regulatory authorities.

While these tools are good in performing certain tasks for what they are meant, users have extended the functionalities by writing scripts for the tasks that are not natively supported by these tools, which in turn adds up to risks and inconsistencies. These gaps prohibit enterprises from achieving 100% compliance and audit reporting.  

In this solution brief we present:

  • Challenges faced by enterprises around compliance and audit reporting (with example from Banking / Fintech domain,
  • Technical limitations that lead to these challenges,
  • Benefits that can be achieved, and
  • The solution that leverages existing DevOps and infrastructure investments and allows them to achieve 100% compliance with a Git-driven approach.

The current solution design is from a (but not restricted to) software build, test, release, and deployment standpoint.

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