Intelligent Software Delivery (ISD) for Spinnaker

Accelerate approvals, verification, and compliance checks by analyzing data generated across Spinnaker pipelines and the software delivery chain.  ISD for Spinnaker is available as SaaS, managed service, or on-premises.

Intelligent Automation Modules for ISD Spinnaker


AI-Driven Delivery Verifications

The AI-Driven Delivery Verification Module applies AI-powered intelligence to verify all software releases throughout the delivery pipeline including compliance to security and enterprise policies.
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Continuous Security and Compliance

The Continuous Security and Compliance Module enables security and compliance organizations to define organization-wide policies that are automatically enforced across all release workflows.
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Visibility, Insights and Approvals

The Visibility, Insights, and Approvals Module ingests and analyzes all CI/CD toolchain data from each workflow to continuously assess risk and make automated, informed approvals with full visibility for each release.
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Audit and Software Supply Chain

The Audit and Software Supply Chain Intelligent Automation Module monitors and logs all software delivery events including CI/CD toolchain data in real-time to enable supply chain traceability and security audits.
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DevOps Integrations

OpsMx ISD and OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker have native integrations with 70+ common CI/CD tools. Intelligent automation combined with extensibility enables you to automate application deployments, verify the performance of your release, and continuously apply compliance to comply with business and industry standards.

Decentralized Control

Autonomous team can run secure pipelines without additional overhead of a CD system
Different User roles allows central security and compliance teams to have global access to one or multiple resources
Visibility control to ensure exclusive access to authorized teams
Reporting visibility for DevOps teams into who, what, and when surrounding deployments.
Manage CD configuration at a service-level using GitOps

OpsMx ISD for Spinnaker is also available as a service. Get started with your automated CD pipelines – utilizing the power of Spinnaker and deep integrations with popular CI/CD tools – with a user experience developers and DevOps teams will love.

Why CD as a Service ?


Secure Multi-Cloud and On-Prem Deployments

    • Secure support for on-prem, hybrid and multi-cloud deployments without needing to sharing secrets.
    • Deploy across security zones. (behind firewalls)
    • Self-service interface for developers and admins.

Enterprise Scale and Availability

    • Up to 99.99% availability.
    • OpsMx auto scales based on active performance monitoring to ensure consistent experience.
    • Deployed across multi-AZ for resilience in global public cloud region of your choice.

Fully Hosted and Securely Managed

    • SoC 2 Certified SaaS infrastructure.
    • Proactive troubleshooting, and 24*7 Monitoring and remediation.
    • Actively patched for security and new features seamlessly introduced.