DevOps Integration Layer

The DevOps Integration Layer enables automation, visibility, and intelligence for common DevOps and IT operations tools such as Jenkins, Jira, SonarQube, Terraform, and ServiceNow. The tight integrations enable the collection of all process and associated metadata for AI/ML-based analysis of the delivery process and enables policy-driven control of the tools that are part of each CD workflow. The open integration framework provides out-of-the-box APIs for 50+ tools and supports the integration of new tools.

The built-in control logic, integrations, and automated workflows allow the system to interact with the entire CI/CD toolchain to provide end-to-end process control for each stage of the software development and delivery process. Support for common collaboration tools such as Git, GitLab, Jira, Jenkins, ServiceNow, Slack, and HipChat allows team members to receive immediate notifications about deployment status, policy violations, and more. Reusable plug-ins work for any CD process, simplifying the configuration of new workflows. Traceability for all software deliveries – including what is being delivered, who approved the release, and when it was approved – is easily accessible through the user interface.

DevOps Tools Integrations

The highly extensible data plug-in layer supports 70+ DevOps tool integrations across CI/CD, build and test automation, security and compliance, monitoring and log analytics, ITSM and notifications, and more. Deep, real-time insights and diagnostics correlated with the pipelines speeds approvals, verifications, and triage activities.

OpsMx ISD automates CD pipelines – harnessing the power of Spinnaker and Argo and deep integrations with 50+ popular CI/CD tools – with a user experience developers and DevOps teams will love

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