No-excuses support

We know that fast deployments are critical to you. Whatever the challenge is, our experts can help. Whether it’s onboarding users or apps into Spinnaker, troubleshooting infrastructure issues, or helping with your overall tool chain and integrations, we partner with you to make CD successful.

24x7 Responsiveness

OpsMx is ready to help whenever you need support. Using a follow-the-sun model, we respond within 1 hour for critical issues to ensure your CD solution is always working. Whether it’s a question on Spinnaker usage, a pipeline issue, or on Spinnaker best practices, count on us.

Designated Support Expert

OpsMx support teams provide a designated expert to help you, so over time we learn your environment, your team, and your goals. In addition to answering whenever you call on us, your solution architect will proactively meet with you to share best practices and ensure you achieve your continuous delivery goals.

Advanced Support

As you scale your Spinnaker success, we help you build your capabilities. Maximize your pipeline efficiency and maintainability with our proactive customer success team. Use our proven expertise and best practices to create high performing and high availability Spinnaker for worldwide deployments. Enforce your corporate and regulatory policies across all your pipelines.

Secure Spinnaker

Security is a non-negotiable requirement. We scan, harden, and certify every OSS Spinnaker release. We can help with anything security-related, from integrations with LDAP or MFA, to securing your credentials and secrets, to ensuring all your security policies are followed. We can even help build a complete security framework for your CD solution.

Installation and Upgrade Assistance

We make Spinnaker simple, starting with a successful installation (or choose OpsMx Cloud for no installation). We’ve also perfected the easiest ways to integrate Spinnaker into your DevOps tool chain, so you can be deploying updates in no time. Upgrading to the newest Spinnaker release is a snap with our unique Lifecycle Manager.

On-demand fixes in OSS Spinnaker

OpsMx is the third largest contributor to OSS Spinnaker, and we know the code base inside and out. If you ever run into an issue with Spinnaker, we can correct the bug with on-demand fixes until the update has been merged back into OSS Spinnaker.

Full Partner

In addition to Spinnaker support, OpsMx offers a complete suite of professional services, including continuous delivery design, Spinnaker customization and extension, and administrator and end-user training.

Trusted by Leading Enterprises

Seamlessly Integrate Your Tools & Infrastructure

Whatever your tool chain, OpsMx will make it work. We have created Spinnaker’s easiest integration tools, even if you have created your own tooling!

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