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How to automate security and compliance in your CI/CD pipeline in 3 steps

Webinar Description

Distributed systems like microservices and multi-cloud architecture are suitable for scale, but they open doors for hackers to steal data and computing power. With automated deployment pipelines, developers can roll out applications rapidly.

On the other hand, the DevOps team, security, and compliance team (also known as DevSecOps) lose their sleep on ensuring the delivery of microservices is secure and comply with industry regulations. 

Join this webinar and learn the three critical considerations for the DevSecOps team to reduce vulnerabilities in CI/CD pipelines while deploying apps into cloud and containers:


  1. ntegrating security as part of the CI/CD pipeline,
  2. Identifying the risk of a software release at each stage of delivery 
  3. Enforcing policies in deployment pipeline and automating organization compliance checks

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Gopinath Rebala, CTO OpsMx

Gopinath Rebala, CTO of OpsMx

Gopinath Rebala is the CTO of OpsMx, where he has overall responsibility for the machine learning and data processing architectures of OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker.

Gopi also has a strong connection with our customers, leading design and architecture for strategic implementations. Gopi is a frequent speaker and well known leader in continuous delivery and in the Spinnaker community.

Previously, Gopi was a co-founder and CTO at N42, which delivered machine learning tools for improving reliability for large scale distributed systems.

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