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DevOps, A Three Legged Stool

DevOps is like a three legged stool, because it is a balancing act between the three outcomes : Velocity, risk and quality. Any organization will expect these outcomes from its DevOps team.

What is DevSecOps and How to implement it using Spinnaker

DevSecOps is an acronym for three words that are Development , Security and Operations. DevSecOps is a necessary evolution that ingrains security at every level and makes everyone accountable.

How to Ensure Compliance in DevOps

Fostering DevOps culture and realizing the culture with established CI/CD pipelines has been the central part of the modern software lifecycle. DevOps team now engages in developing and deploying cloud-native applications continuously.

Is your DevOps Journey heading the right way?

The DevOps transformation journey begins with focusing on a Continuous Delivery practice that can deliver software in a fast, safe, reliable, and repeatable way.