1. What is OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker (OES)?

OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker (OES) is Enterprise Ready Continuous Delivery and Verification Platform. OES is built on 6 Fundamental Pillars of Application Delivery. Opsmx Enterprise for Spinnaker is the open-source Spinnaker bundled with additional features that make it enterprise-ready. These include an analytics dashboard, auditing, log management and additional custom stages along with some best practices built into it. This uses the open-source Spinnaker as-is without any customization or proprietary modifications. It is possible to add the additional features included here on top of an existing Spinnaker installation.

2. The architecture of OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker

OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker is built with the philosophy of keeping the open-source Spinnaker as is so that the customer does not have to worry about vendor lock-in. With this philosophy in mind, the architecture of OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker is shown below.

3. Components of OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker

OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker consists of three layers.

  • Open Source Spinnaker 
  • OpsMx Pluggable Services & Framework
  • Best Practices Layer

3.1 Open Source Spinnaker

OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker 1.0 (1.16) includes Open Source Spinnaker release 1.16. It is also validated to work with several of the cloud providers.

3.2  OpsMx Pluggable Services

The Following are Categories of Services as the part of the OpsMx Pluggable Services Layer

3.2.1 CD Dashboard

We have dashboards that provide insights into:

    • CD visibility
    • Operational (running of pipelines) visibility

to better understand and manage your organization’s CD capabilities.

3.2.2 Application On-boarding

Application Onboarding is a set of services that enable easy enterprise application onboarding into Spinnaker while enforcing the enterprise policies on access control, regulatory requirements, and other organizational policies.

There are also specialized custom stages that can be customized to connect to your operational system (e.g. ServiceNow, SalesForce, etc) to enforce policies and rules during pipeline execution.

3.2.3 Security, Compliance and Audit Trailing

Gives an overview of your pipeline activities, e.g. the list of pipelines that were run, list of pipelines that were modified and so on.

3.2.4 Enterprise Stages & Cloud Drivers

It bundles and configures into Spinnaker some additional stages that are essential in enterprise deployments. Examples of these include:

    • Cloud services (eg.Terraform)
    • Application stages (e.g Database Executions)
    • Application on-boarding
    • Continuous Verification

3.2.5 Risk Assessment

Developers and Engineering Manager in a Software Product Organization have to manually assess the risk of a Service Deployment prior to release, affecting service delivery and reducing overall availability. OpsMx Continous Verification Platform Automates the Assessment of Risk.

3.3 Best Practices Layer

3.3.1 Secrets & Identity Management

Spinnaker deployment includes some best practices such as using of Vault to store and manage secrets and accounts, high availability configuration and scalability. These are built-in as part of the OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker installation.

3.3.2 Log Management

Spinnaker consists of multiple micro-services and this centralizes the logs from all the components into an ElasticSearch so that you can use Kibana to search logs and debug issues.

7. How do I get OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker

OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker v1.0 is available for use. For you to install, we need your Dockerhub id (if you do not have one, you can sign-up for one at to grant you access to the image that includes the OpsMx Extensions. Please send us an email at [email protected] with your Dockerhub id to get access to evaluate OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker. The install instructions is available at The instructions to access the Spinnaker UI, as well as the OpsMx Extensions UI, is there.

8. How do I configure OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker

Spinnaker is configured via its halyard component. Configuration and setup information can be found in These commands need to be run from the halyard pod. You can connect to the halyard pod using

kubectl exec -it oes-spinnaker-halyard-0 bash [--namespace mynamespace]

9. RoI of OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker (OES)

OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker is designed to be Enterprise Ready for Scale, Security, and Support. More details in

10. Additional Information

If you have questions or need help with configuration, production setup, or sizing, please reach out to us at [email protected].


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