This blog allows user to try out Spinnaker, as a first step to setup a Continuous Delivery Pipeline. Usually, for a beginner it is always a challenge to setup a base Spinnaker. At OpsMx, we are providing a solution for this scenario. This can be tried out anyone with minimal experience in installation and configuration of an Application.


  • 32GB RAM, 40GB HDD and Ubuntu OS.
  • Can have the Setup on Laptop/Desktop or a Physical Server.

Installation Procedure:

  • With our Easy Install, we have scripted the installation of Spinnaker simpler and straight forward. Below is what the script does during the execution
    1. Creates a single-node Kubernetes cluster on your local machine
    2. Install Spinnaker
    3. Configure it for basic or trial usage
    4. Allows user to explore deploying an application to see Spinnaker in action
  • You can find out more details on Spinnaker Easy Install here.


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