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Gopal Dommety

last updated on April 2, 2024

I’m delighted to share that OpsMx is supporting CNCF Flux. In this blog, I want to share our vision and how we think about supporting Flux and why I believe it is a step in the right direction.

We founded OpsMx with a vision of simplifying modern software delivery. Our premise was that delivery systems should function seamlessly for all types of applications, developers,  delivery processes, and infrastructures.  We began by rethinking the delivery process. We ditched the complexity and lock-in of proprietary delivery platforms in favour of a simple two layered architecture: an Open CD layer and an SDLC Intelligence Layer.  With this architecture, enterprises get the  innovation they need without being beholden to one vendor or technology. And can interoperate with  communities like Flux, Argo and Spinnaker to innovate and achieve their mission. 

OpsMx started our  Open CD Journey with the Spinnaker Community. In 2021, we laid the foundation for what is today the OpsMx  SDLC Intelligence platform.   We  made an important  decision to have the   SDLC Intelligence  CD-agnostic.. Several customers like Cisco and Western Union believed in  and  adopted SDLC Intelligence capabilities at scale with Spinnaker.  With that success, it became more apparent that our next challenge was expanding the Open CD to include additional CD platforms.

In 2022  we took another step in our  Open CD journey  supporting  Argo and  investing in Kubernetes App Delivery and GitOps.  After several customers adopted Argo at scale, OpsMx moved a  step closer to  our  “Open CD mission”.

In recent years, security attacks through the delivery process started becoming  real and serious. OpsMx customers were getting concerned about security.  Security  attack surface expanded fast  and risks have  become large  to even  threaten the very existence of  companies and senior executives’ careers. We realised our challenge  got bigger and that  our customers not only need to deliver  software/ AI-models  at Scale & Speed, but in a secure fashion.  Security has become an integral part of the delivery process. In 2023, we invested in cybersecurity and added  “Secure Software Delivery capabilities” to our SDLC Intelligence.

Today, we are taking another step in our  journey  by  adding Flux support and furthering our support of GitOps.  I am grateful  for the advice and support of many of you from the Flux community.  Our intent is to help the adoption of Flux and innovate along with the Flux community. Every journey has its ups and downs, and we hope to travel the journey  and achieve our mission together.

OpsMx  is  a young company but one with great talent and aspirations. It is amazing to see this Open CD approach grow from Spinnaker, to Argo and now to Flux. Today, Open CD platforms are adopted by 100,000’s of teams  and support millions of deployments a day, and  running in some of the largest companies in the world. This impressive adoption could not be achieved without open communities dedicated to innovation, like the Flux community.

Our original commitment remains the same today—to simplify modern software delivery through Open CD and Intelligent Automation. The most exciting part of this journey is to witness the groundswell of adoption for Open CD approach and  innovations being delivered.  This  groundswell adoption is increasing the need for  SDLC Intelligence and   recent advancements in Generative AI is making this vision more  achievable. 

Talking to users, customers, developers,  and partners about how they are innovating with Open CD platforms  is always enjoyable to me. If you are a Flux user and want to connect, I’d love to hear your Flux story and how we can help. Reach out to me at

We at OpsMx have an Open CD team that contributes to Open Source CD platforms.  If you are interested in joining the team, please reach out to me. OpsMx  is Top 2 contributor to open source Spinnaker and supports Argo and is now starting our Flux journey.  OpsMx is a member of CNCF, CDF, and  Linux Foundation and is SOC2 and ISO 2001 certified.  Team has a background of innovation, made foundationals contributions to open source platforms,  and has been awarded over 80 patents.

As I reflect on the past and dream of the future of  Open CD,  I am reminded of a quote:  “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future”  – Steve Jobs

Our commitment to open source CD remains central to who we are and what we are developing.  We will continue making Open CD  more valuable for customers, and partners by continuing to invest in Open CD and  SDLC Intelligence. Open-source communities produce the world’s best software, and we are proud and humbled by the flourishing and diverse Flux, Argo and Spinnaker communities. 

With our new Flux offering, we hope to achieve two goals: 

  1. Offering best in class support for Flux users and SDLC Intelligence to all Flux users, and, 
  2. By also working with Flux, Argo & Spinnaker, giving enterprise customers broad support and choice. 

Love to hear from you about your Flux journey and how we can help.

Stay tuned; we’re just getting started.

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Gopal Dommety

Gopal Dommety is the CEO of OpsMx. Gopal is a serial entrepreneur and technology visionary. As CEO, he has built the team to scale the technology and go to market functions, and has proven product-market fit with customers like Cisco, Salesforce, Standard Chartered Bank, Juniper Networks, Albertsons, and many others. Prior to OpsMx, Gopal was the founder and CEO of N42, where he built a team of machine learning experts to address the problems companies face when running large scale virtual data centers. Gopal also was the architect behind multiple Cisco flagship products and designed Internet Protocols (RFCs) that are widely used in the Internet today. Gopal holds more than 60 patents in the area of large scale distributed systems. Gopal is awarded Ph.D in Computer Science and Master’s Management Science, and graduated from Stanford, Ohio State and IIT.



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