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Robert Boule

last updated on February 24, 2024

Today, we are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our offerings at OpsMx – support for Flux! 

This new offering has two goals: 

  1. Offering best in class support for Flux users, and, 
  2. By also working with Argo & Spinnaker, giving enterprise customers broad support and choice.

In the ever-evolving landscape of DevOps, the importance of streamlined and automated processes cannot be overstated. As organizations strive for greater efficiency, reliability, and agility in their software delivery pipelines, GitOps has emerged as a game-changer. 

As part of our OpenCD Platform which features Spinnaker and Argo we are adding Flux to the fold, and bringing our value-add  visibility and insights, Data-driven Approvals and Delivery Verification,  Application Security Posture, Compliance, Audit and Software Supply Chain Attestation  module to Flux users.

OpsMx Open CD Architecture

Open CD is an effort to reduce lock-in risk while ensuring enterprises also get state of art technologies. The OpsMx Solution consists of an Open CD Layer and a CD-agnostic Intelligence Layer (aka Security and Intelligence Modules).  

Open CD

Open CD is a Cloud Native Continuous Delivery Framework, consisting of CD tools such as Spinnaker,  Argo, IDPs such as Backstage, and other open source tools like GiTea, enabling secure software delivery for enterprises. We are announcing Flux support as part of Open CD. OpsMx Open CD Platform scales to support large numbers of deployments, clusters, Apps, teams, and pipelines. 

OpsMx Open CD Architecture

CD-agnostic Intelligence & Security modules

CD-agnostic Intelligence modules form the building blocks of the software delivery platform. The Security and Intelligence Modules are powered by the SDLC-DB that integrates and inter-operates with the DevOps Tools chain. It has over 150 Integrations to all your favorite tools in the toolchain from Git to Prod. AI/ML is used in several functions and architecture is designed to operate at scale with federated data/teams. The CD agnostics modules are the same modules that work across all Open CDs and customers can use multiple CDs of their choice.

Developer Friendly Interface

OpsMx Platform is designed to meet the developer where they live – IDP, IDE or Slack.  All services are API driven and plugins into  IDP/Backstage. Recently OpsMx added a Conversational  AI interface for developers to have  just-in-time diagnostics and remediation.

Embracing Flux for Next-Level GitOps

At OpsMx, we’re committed to empowering organizations on their journey towards GitOps excellence. With Flux integration, we’re taking another step forward in this mission. Flux, a popular GitOps tool, enables continuous delivery of application updates by automatically synchronizing changes from a Git repository to a Kubernetes cluster.

OpsMx product and support offering for Flux

OpsMx will provide the following options to Flux users and community:

  1. Enterprise Flux: OpsMx will provide Enterprise Flux Platform which includes all its Intelligence and Security features.
  2. OSS Flux Support:  OpsMx will provide support and services to OSS Flux users 
  3. Intelligence and Security Modules for Flux users: OpsMx CD-Agnostic Modules will be available to all Flux users.

Key Benefits of Flux Integration with OpsMx

OpsMx platform is an end-to-end integrated solution for application delivery.  By adding Flux support we shall be focusing on the following areas below. Our model is to work with customers and community equally to achieve long term success and we iterate constantly.

  1. Streamlined Deployment Workflows: Seamlessly manage your Kubernetes deployments with Git as the single source of truth. OpsMx, coupled with Flux, ensures that your applications are always up-to-date based on the latest changes in your Git repository.
  2. Automated Verification & Rollbacks: In the event of a failed deployment or undesired changes, Flux/Flagger integrated with OpsMx enables automated AI/ML verification to rollback, minimizing downtime and ensuring system stability.
  3. Policy Enforcement: With OpsMx, you can enforce policies and best practices across your GitOps workflows. From access controls to deployment strategies, maintain compliance and governance effortlessly.
  4. Enhanced Visibility and Control: Gain comprehensive insights into your deployment pipelines with OpsMx’s intuitive dashboard. Monitor the status of deployments, track changes, and take proactive actions as needed.
  5. Scalability and FlexibilityWhether you’re a small team or a large enterprise, OpsMx scales with your business needs. Flux integration adds another layer of flexibility to accommodate diverse deployment scenarios and environments.
  6. 24×7 Support with mission critical SLAs: OpsMx Open CD platform provides 24×7 SLA support with strict SLAs. 
  7. Security and CVE remediated images: OpsMx open CD platform is deployed in FedRAMP environments and  Open CD platform comes with 30-day Critical SLAs Fixes support. 
  8. Additional Open CD Plugins: Currently OpenCD platform provides enhancements/Plugins for ServiceNow, Jira, JMeter, SonarQube, Infrastructure as Code (Terraform integration), BYOS (Bring Your Own Script), etc.  The process of supporting these for Flux environments are on the roadmap.
  9. CD-agnostic Intelligence and Security features: Currently OpsMx provides a rich set of CD-Agnostic modules such as   data-driven Approvals for App and ML Model delivery,  Application Security Posture Management, DBOM (Delivery Bill of Materials), Unified Vulnerability Management , Compliance Rules,  Audit and Software Supply Chain Attestation. These features will be available in the future for Flux users.

Achieve Enterprise GitOps Adoption with Flux Support

This is the start of a new chapter for OpsMx. By adding full support for Flux we bring a ‘3rd pillar’ to our existing offering.  This new offering has two goals: 

1. offering best in class support for Flux users, and, 

2.  by also working with Argo & Spinnaker, giving enterprise customers broad support and choice.

We are excited to hear from everyone about what this model can do for them and how we can help.

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