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Robert Boule

last updated on February 24, 2024


GitOps has emerged as a popular approach for managing and automating deployments in Kubernetes environments. It enables organizations to maintain their infrastructure as code in Git repositories and ensures that the desired state of their applications and infrastructure is automatically synchronized with the actual state. Flux is an prominent tool that  gained significant traction in the GitOps. In this blog post, we’ll explore how OpsMx can help Flux Customers.

How Can OpsMx assist WeaveWorks Customers

OpsMx Open CD Platform and Flux ​

OpsMx can provide significant assistance to Weaveworks customers by offering expertise in continuous delivery and deployment solutions via our OpenCD Platforms (which would include support for Flux to complement Argo and Spinnaker). By integrating OpsMx’s platform with Weaveworks’ products, customers can streamline their software delivery pipelines, automate deployment processes, and enhance overall efficiency. 

OpsMx’s advanced features such as intelligent release orchestration visibility, automated canary analysis, and AI-driven risk assessment can complement Weaveworks’ container-centric development environment, ensuring smoother and more reliable software releases. 

Additionally, OpsMx’s support and consultancy services can aid Weaveworks customers in optimizing their deployment strategies, improving deployment frequency, and reducing time-to-market, ultimately leading to increased business agility and competitiveness.

Security, Policy, Compliance and Intelligence for Flux

Additionally, WeaveWorks customers stand to gain substantial benefits from incorporating an Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) tool into their workflow. Such a tool (OpsMx Deploy Shield) provides a comprehensive solution for assessing, monitoring, and improving the security posture of their applications throughout their lifecycle. 

By leveraging an ASPM tool, WeaveWorks customers can proactively identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and compliance issues within their applications, enabling them to swiftly mitigate risks before they escalate. 

Additionally, the tool offers insights into the security landscape, allowing customers to make informed decisions regarding their security strategy and investments. With real-time visibility into their application security posture, WeaveWorks customers can enhance their overall security posture, maintain regulatory compliance, and build trust with their stakeholders, ultimately fostering a secure and resilient software ecosystem, all while having the option to continue using Flux as the primary CD tool.

CD Center of Excellence (CoE) ​

Finally, OpsMx demonstrates deep Kubernetes expertise through its comprehensive understanding and adept utilization of Kubernetes capabilities. With a team of seasoned professionals well-versed in Kubernetes architecture, deployment strategies, and best practices, OpsMx consistently delivers innovative solutions tailored to clients’ specific needs. 

Their proficiency spans across managing complex containerized environments, orchestrating seamless deployments, optimizing resource utilization, and implementing robust security measures. 

By leveraging their deep Kubernetes expertise, OpsMx empowers organizations to efficiently harness the full potential of Kubernetes for scaling, automating, and modernizing their applications, thereby accelerating their digital transformation journey.


OpsMx Provides Open CD for existing Flux users with significant benefits for organizations looking to streamline their GitOps workflows, especially in complex multi-cluster environments. If you are interested Contact OpsMx Team now.

About OpsMx​

OpsMx is a leading innovator and thought leader in the Continuous Delivery space. We are also a leading contributor to the open source Argo project and have helped some of the world’s largest companies optimize their (GitOps) delivery pipelines. 

We specialize in providing custom solutions on top of open source Argo to help DevOps and DevSecOps teams SHIP BETTER SOFTWARE FASTER!

If you are interested in adding custom solutions on top of open source Argo offering, talk to our ArgoCD experts now.

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