We are announcing the release of OpsMx Enterprise Spinnaker 2.9. This release contains the following major enhancements:

  • Real-time Application Dashboard
  • Self-Service Application Onboarding
  • Release Management
  • OpsMx Audit Trailing 
  • Spinnaker 1.19.5 Distribution

What’s new in OES 2.9:

1.Real-time Application Dashboard:

Product owners, Development, Operations, and QA teams require real-time visibility of application deployments, coupled with metrics that can help in making decisions faster and identify bottlenecks in the delivery process.  Application Dashboard provides a 360 degrees view of applications. The dashboard gives deployment status about different applications, services under each application, the status of last run pipeline, autopilot integrated risk scores, past releases, and all policies attached to each application.  Benefits:  

  1. Real-time visibility and Insights into all stage of your application delivery pipeline
  2. Enables faster approvals and  decisions 
  3. Increases collaboration between Product owners, Dev, Ops, and QA teams
2.Self-Service Application Onboarding

Organizations have set practices and policies that must be adhered to when deploying applications. That can make onboarding applications time consuming and dependent on the central dev and ops team.  Application Onboarding feature allows you to templatize your organization’s practices and policies and provides self-service onboarding of new applications. The application owners can easily add an application, its services, and deployment pipelines while ensuring that they are following the organization’s best practices.  Benefits

  1. Self-service application & user on-boarding
  2. Rapidly add new applications for continuous delivery
  3. Enforce organizational best-practices and policies


3.Release Management:

Several large enterprises plan their application releases, and there are various gates and approval steps that must pass for an application to be released.  Dev and Ops team manage many dependencies and manual approvals, which can extend the release timelines. For the approvers, the detailed information about the release and the associated metrics that they look for to approve is not available in a single pane. So, they refer to various tools and approve different things in different tools. And finally, the development and operation teams have to ensure that all the checks and balances are complete for them to push the release into production.  The release management feature addresses these deficiencies in the software delivery process. Release managers can define the release, and approvers can see the relevant metrics in a single pane. Thus the handover between teams is handled seamlessly. Benefits:

  1. Manage non-continuous delivery life cycles 
  2. Support for selective release of services
  3. Manage dependencies and approval processes
4.Audit Trailing and Traceability

Traceability and auditability of any process in an organization, especially those that have to abide by external policies like HIPPA, SOX, is a requirement. Application delivery is one such process, and stakeholders need to know when something got released, what went in that release, who all approved it, or were there any policy violations.  The audit feature allows one to list, search, and filter on the various deployment activities. We capture events from different sources – Spinnaker deployments, Autopilot analysis, policy enforcement, and allow the users to look at that data from a single place.  Benefits 

  1. Increase visibility and traceability of deployment actions
  2. View compliance with organizational policy violations
  3. Identify issues, risks, and non-compliant applications or actions.

If you want to know more about the features in this release, please book a meeting with us. ________________________________________________________________________ OpsMx is a leading provider of Continuous Delivery solutions that help enterprises safely deliver software at scale and without any human intervention. We help engineering teams take the risk and manual effort out of releasing innovations at the speed of modern business. For additional information, contact us.

Nirmalya Sen

Nirmalya Sen is a 25+ year industry veteran who has worked in companies like IBM, Oracle, and Cisco. He was a founding member of a successful startup that went public in India. The company later got acquired by Mindtree. He has been building and delivering enterprise software all throughout his career and managing globally distributed teams. His current passion involves solving software distribution challenges in the cloud computing era.


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