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Shashank Srivastava

last updated on January 10, 2024

This blog talks about options available to Armory Spinnaker users who may be considering plans for their CD platform. With the recent article on Business Insider about a potential acquisition by Harness and departure of Armory employees posted on LinkedIn, I thought it makes sense to talk about the options available to existing Armory Spinnaker customers.

Option 1: Stick with Spinnaker

You’ve worked hard to make Spinnaker your continuous delivery platform. Keep using it and protect your investment by moving support to OpsMx or the open source community. 

Impact to business: None.

Time to get started: Immediately.

Cost implications: Negligible.

Option 2: Upgrade to Secure Spinnaker

Enterprise critical software delivery deserves enterprise level support and availability. Move to a better enterprise Spinnaker offering from OpsMx with extended security, scalability, compliance and audit capabilities besides continuous delivery. 

Impact to business: None.

Time to get started: 2 Days.

Cost implications: Negligible.

You may want to refer to one of the blogs which provides insights into how you can move from Armory Spinnaker to OpsMx enterprise Spinnaker in just 2 days.

Option 3: Migrate to Argo CD

Argo CD is a next generation CD platform and one of the world’s fastest growing open source projects. If you are looking for a replacement to Spinnaker for deploying applications to Kubernetes you can join a vibrant open source community for Argo.

Impact to business: Medium.  Some changes are required to software delivery processes, but excellent support is available from the open source community.

Time to get started:  90 days

Cost implications: Negligible. Argo support is available from OpsMx as well as other vendors. 

Option 4: Migrate to a Closed Vendor Solution

Migrate to another enterprise product outside Spinnaker’s tech stack, when all support and all feature development is provided by a single vendor.  

Impact to business: Significant.

Time to get started: 6 months migration.

Cost implications: Significant from operating perspective as well as ongoing maintenance.

Option 5: Evolve to Open CD

For many customers, the best short-term and long-term strategy is to gradually evolve from Spinnaker to an open, hybrid CD model that combines Spinnaker and Argo CD. Leverage the work you have already done and support multi-cloud deployments while simplifying Kubernetes and container deployments as your application portfolio evolves.

Impact to business: None. Keep using what you have, then add new applications to new platform

Time to get started: Immediately.

Cost implications: Negligible.

Why Work with OpsMx as Your Partner?

Armory users may want to refer to recent implementations done by OpsMx, especially those who moved from Armory Spinnaker to OpsMx Enterprise Spinnaker for a:

  • Better product offering,
  • Better Security and Compliance,
  • Better Scalability,
  • Better Flexibility, and
  • Better Support.
Free Transition services by OpsMx

OpsMx is a preferred choice for continuous delivery software and enterprise Spinnaker and Argo for large to small enterprises alike. We’ve the experience of handling and implementing large scale DevOps and DevSecOps projects. One of the compelling differentiation is our no-excuses 24×7 enterprise support.

Shashank Srivastava

As a Country Manager, Sales & Marketing (ROW) at OpsMx, Shashank is responsible for revenue for Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. He is also responsible for Product Marketing and Strategic Partnerships. Shashank brings in over 20 years of experience in selling and marketing technology / software solutions. Over these years he has led teams for marketing, sales, business development and field operations. He has successfully driven several strategic initiatives within startup environments.



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