Kubecon/Cloud-NativeCon Europe 2019 is here in Barcelona and we are excited to see the amount of enthusiasm for Cloud-Native applications and Kubernetes.

If you are attending the event, please check out our sessions below.

  • Operators in Action Panel at OpenShift Commons at KubeconEU
  • Lighting Talk at Continuous Delivery Summit at KubeconEU

We will be talking about our Kubernetes and OpenShift Operator for Spinnaker.  This Spinnaker operator helps users to quickly install and manage Spinnaker.  Check out the operator at

Also, if you are interested in discussing how Spinnaker can help modernize your CI/CD in your enterprise, email us at [email protected] for setting up a meeting.

Balaji Sivasubramanian

Balaji Sivasubramanian is the Vice President of Product at OpsMx. He is passionate about creating and evangelizing winning products with expertise in all aspects of the business – strategy, product management, product marketing, GTM, and business development in early-stage startups and innovative companies. He is a Subject Matter Expert in CI/CD, DevOps, Applications, Containers/Microservices, Data Center IT / Cloud Infrastructure - Network, Compute, and Storage, IT Security, Machine Learning and AI, Enterprise, SaaS, and Cloud. He is an ambassador for the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF).



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