Amidst a new year of new ideas, new challenges, and new technologies, what is the role of Spinnaker in 2023?  For enterprises around the world, including some of the world’s largest, Spinnaker will continue to be the foundation for large-scale, controlled, and highly available software delivery across application environments.  

I shared my thoughts on the future of Spinnaker in my keynote presentation at Spinnaker Summit.  I outlined some of the important investments and innovations in Spinnaker that will reinforce its key role and vibrant community, including:

  • Continuing to improve Spinnaker as a core CD platform by making it simpler to operate, safer to use, and able to deliver the high performance needed for the largest environments. 
  • Integrating Spinnaker with Argo CD to support emerging deployment tools.
  • Enabling Smart GitOps for a better developer experience and productivity.
Here’s a short summary of my comments:

You can view my full presentation, as well as all the other great Spinnaker Summit content on the Continuous Delivery Foundation’s YouTube channel.  Looking forward to a 2023 filled with shipping better software faster.

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About OpsMx

Founded with the vision of “delivering software without human intervention,” OpsMx enables customers to transform and automate their software delivery processes. OpsMx builds on open-source Spinnaker and Argo with services and software that helps DevOps teams SHIP BETTER SOFTWARE FASTER.

Gopal Dommety

Gopal Dommety is the CEO of OpsMx. Gopal is a serial entrepreneur and technology visionary. As CEO, he has built the team to scale the technology and go to market functions, and has proven product-market fit with customers like Cisco, Salesforce, Standard Chartered Bank, Juniper Networks, Albertsons, and many others. Prior to OpsMx, Gopal was the founder and CEO of N42, where he built a team of machine learning experts to address the problems companies face when running large scale virtual data centers. Gopal also was the architect behind multiple Cisco flagship products and designed Internet Protocols (RFCs) that are widely used in the Internet today. Gopal holds more than 60 patents in the area of large scale distributed systems. Gopal is awarded Ph.D in Computer Science and Master’s Management Science, and graduated from Stanford, Ohio State and IIT.



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