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OpsMx is excited to announce its participation in the cdCon 2020 event. cdCon 2020 is a two-day virtual event conducted by The Linux Foundation focused on improving the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed. Become a part of this event and get to meet DevOps practitioners, CI/CD experts, exchange ideas, and understand the best practices of software delivery and DevOps.

Event Dates: October 7 – 8, 2020 

Time (PDT): 9 a.m. onwards

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If you want to deploy large-scale distributed systems or monoliths or cloud-native applications in just 2 hours with zero risks, then we have exciting sessions lined up for you on Spinnaker

Spinnaker is an open-source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence. It was created at Netflix and has been battle-tested in production by hundreds of teams over millions of deployments. It is backed by a community that includes Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Veritas, Target, Kenzan, Airbnb, Cisco, Mulesoft, and many others.

Some exciting sessions include:

    1. Automated Verification of Deployments for Risk Assessment – Gopinath Rebala, CTO, OpxMx
      • Date: Wednesday, October 7
      • Time (PDT): 11:05am – 11:35am
      • Abstract: Safe and reliable deployments are critical for the continuous delivery of application services. Time taken to detect an issue has a direct impact on the bottom line. Web-scale companies like Netflix practiced deployment strategies like canary deployments and blue/green deployments and use statistical techniques to determine problems before they cause an outage and improve the MTTR in case of an outage. In this talk, we will present an automated verification model combined with canary and blue/green deployments in Spinnaker pipelines. We will present the usefulness of the models in the verification of performance and functionality of deployments using metrics and logs generated in a distributed microservice environment for identifying problems in deployments.

        About the Speake

        Gopinath is CTO and co-founder of OpsMx. He is currently focused on automating safe software delivery with intelligent controls. As a technologist at heart, helping organizations transforming delivery models with intelligent automation keeps him excited. Gopinath held leadership positions in fortune 100 and startups in leading software teams in his 20+ years experience in the hi-tech industry. He has co-authored one of the most sought after books on AI/ML- An Introduction to Machine Learning.

    2. Managed Releases with Spinnaker – Nirmalya Sen, Director of Engineering, OpsMx
      • Date: Thursday, October 8
      • Time (PDT): 11:25am – 11:55am
      • Abstract: Spinnaker is a continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence. But what if you are not doing continuous delivery? What if you are doing managed releases where the release manager based on a lot of organizational and business criteria decides when to release, what to release. Can they use Spinnaker? In this talk, Nirmalya will showcase how you can adopt Spinnaker’s continuous delivery features to be able to make managed releases.

        About the Speake

        Nirmalya is a 25+ year industry veteran who has worked in companies like IBM, Oracle, and Cisco. He was a founding member of a successful startup that went public in India. The company later got acquired by Mindtree. He has been building and delivering enterprise software all throughout his career and managing globally distributed teams. His current passion involves solving software distribution challenges in the cloud computing era. 

    3. Introduction to Spinnaker on Kubernetes – Marky Jackson, Director of Open Source Software OpsMX
      • Date: Thursday, October 8
      • Time (PDT): 2:40pm – 3:10pm
      • Abstract: Spinnaker is an open-source, multi-cloud deployment tool for releasing software changes reliably. You can deploy and automate your application release across multiple cloud environments including Kubernetes, AWS EC2, Google Computer Engine, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, and many more. In this session, we will focus on the installation of Spinnaker in a Kubernetes cluster using Halyard. Halyard is a command-line administration tool that manages the lifecycle of your Spinnaker deployment, and it’s a recommended way to install, configure, and update Spinnaker.

        About the Speake

        Marky Jackson is the Director of Open Source Software, OpsMX. He is a Software developer. Lover of family and friends. Die-hard San Francisco Giants fan. He has recently earned the title of Most Valuable Jenkins Advocate, at DevOps World 2020 by Cloudbees, for his tremendous contributions and efforts within Jenkins and Jenkins X projects.

        Another interesting session brought to you by Marky Jackson, Tracy Ragan, CEO, DeployHub, and Jacqueline Salinas, Director of Ecosystem, CDF is as follows:

    4. The Power of Open Source Community – Jacqueline Salinas, CDF; Tracy Ragan, DeployHub & Marky Jackson, OpsMX
      • Date: Wednesday, October 7
      • Time (PDT): 1:15pm – 1:45pm
      • Abstract: The panel, “The Power of Open Source Community,” will cover 2 unique stories of how the community has impacted personal and professional lives for the better. This discussion will cover how you too can make an impact by contributing to open source communities. The panelists will tell us their personal DevOps journey, the people who helped them along the way, and how they continue to make a difference in the open-source communities today. Join to learn how you can get involved in open source projects from Marky, Tracy, and Jacqueline’s first-hand experiences.


Don’t miss out on these great talks! Register for CDConf to attend.

What you learn at this conference will apply to your CD journey today and where you are headed in a cloud-native architecture.  Whether you are a DevOps Engineer, SRE, Agile Coach, Director, or CTO, this conference will have learning tracks for a variety of skill levels and interests.  All voices are important.  We look forward to hearing your story.

Last but not the least, CDCon has pledged to donate 100% of the proceeds received from CDCon 2020 registration to charitable causes: Black Girls Code, Women Who Code, and the CDF Diversity Fund. Registrants indicate which charitable fund they want their 25 USD registration fees to go to during registration. If you can’t afford the registration cost, please apply for the diversity scholarship.

Stay Safe

Team OpsMx



Founded with the vision of “delivering software without human intervention,” OpsMx enables customers to transform and automate their software delivery processes. OpsMx builds on open-source Spinnaker and Argo with services and software that helps DevOps teams SHIP BETTER SOFTWARE FASTER.



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