OpsMx brings you an extraordinary topic covering new trends this time- Mastering Software delivery for 5G, Cloud, and Edge Computing. 

The chat happened between Riad Hartani, Ph.D., Co-founder, Xona Partners,  and Gopal Dommety, Ph.D., CEO OpsMx. 

They discuss the unlimited potential of edge computing which is now available to enterprises. Edge computing such as 5G, AI/data processing, and enterprise wireless networks help bring the cloud closer to the customer and create unlimited ways to provide services. Gopal and Riad also discuss large technical hurdles that refrain from realizing such an outcome.

You can listen to the podcast here:

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What to listen for:

  1. [1:16 ] Listen to new innovation in 5g and edge computing and its impact on enterprise application delivery
  2. [6:21 ]  Learn how stakeholders like telecommunications players, hyper-scalers, and application developers are coping up with the new trend by bringing computing (data centers) close to consumers using public or private cloud, and then building applications on top of it and distributing them at scale. 
  3. [7:33] Learn about the next challenge that pops up after edge computing deployments or 5G deployments around the world and how to manage that? [Hint: The biggest challenge is related to application delivery]
  4. [12:00] Listen to the 3 important steps to safely deliver application at speed and scale :
    1. Need to continuously deploy software to one million edge devices every day
    2. Verifying the software continuously to deploy without risk
    3. Operate these applications at the edge with proper telemetry. 
  5. [18:50] Learn how OpsMx provides an innovative solution to do continuous delivery and continuous verification of apps and help application developer achieve their goals of shipping apps to the edge. 

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